Mistresses: Volume One – DVD Review


The BBC once again delivers with its serialized drama Mistresses. The series follows the lives of four female friends and their daily lives. What sets them apart from the dullness that encompasses most of our lives is that sex, infidelity, lust, and deceit are commonplace.

Hence the title of the series, Mistresses. Just from the title alone you can guess that this isn’t a series about stay-at-home soccer moms. This is an intense show that weaves an intricate web with multiple storylines that keep the viewer intrigued and watching. There’s a lot going on in each episode (much like the teen drama Skins), which makes it a must-watch show.

Bonus features include:

The Making of Mistresses (on Disc 2)

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series. Cast and crew interviews. Check out the cool split-screen where they show the filming of a scene on one side and the actual shot on the other. Pretty neat.

Cast Interviews: “Sex, Lies, & Infidelity” (on Disc 4)

A casual interview with the four stars of the series. A lot of talk about affairs, sex, and relationships.

If you enjoyed Sex and the City, if you like BBC dramas, or if you’re just looking for a new series to watch until the fall TV season begins, Mistresses is worth a look (it’s only 12 episodes).

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