LucasFilm Trademarks Video Game Titled ‘Lucidity’


LucasFilm filed a trademark for ‘video game software’ under the name ‘Lucidity’. Wait, what’s cookin’ here?

The TARR website here shows that LucasFilm just registered a trademark in the name of Lucidity, and surprisingly, it’s a video game, not a movie.

LucasFilm used to make video games once (and damn awesome ones, like Monkey Island) before the video games division, LucasFilm Games was turned into LucasArts, who were fairly awesome too, but have now become a mere shadow of their former glory.

This news sparks quite a few questions. Why is LucasFilm registering a video game trademark? Are they planning to shut down LucasArts and make LucasFilm handle video games again? What is ‘Lucidity’? Just what is going on?

3 thoughts on “LucasFilm Trademarks Video Game Titled ‘Lucidity’”

    1. Well, them shutting down LucasArts is speculation, but something just occurred to me, Lucidity’s first three letters are the same as Lucas. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

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