Ron White: Behavioral Problems – DVD Review


Ron White’s latest stand-up routine, Behavioral Problems, is a tough one to gage. While there are plenty of laughs, the level of profanity and sexual content just started to wear on me after a while. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with either of those things. But after some time, Ron White’s shtick became less about the comedy and more about shocking the audience.


Unlike Brian Regan or Jim Gaffigan, Ron White is on the Bob Saget side of the aisle when it comes to his jokes: the raunchier and nastier the better. He smokes cigars and drinks Scotch throughout the show, which is part of his act, but grows tiresome after the sixth close-up of White re-lighting his cigar.

Are there laughs? Yes. I laughed a lot. White delivers some great anecdotes and stories about his life and his experiences that are laugh-out-loud funny. Why he couldn’t beef up the laughs and downsize the profanity is beyond me. Even Jeff Foxworthy and Drew Carey use bad language in their acts, but not nearly as much as Ron White.

The bonus features include deleted scenes from the show, which really makes no sense since this is billed as being the “Live, Extended, & Uncensored” edition. So why cut anything out of the actual show if this is the case? Seems odd to me.

Ron White: Behavioral Problems is definitely not for kids. If you enjoyed Ron White as part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, you’ll either enjoy this DVD, or wish he was surrounded by the likes of Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy. It’s a tough call. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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  1. Everything that has the title “Live, Extended, & Uncensored” in Hollywood is going to be tweaked here and there, no matter what the product.

  2. I enjoyed Ron’s concerts in the past….but this new one…behavioral problems…..JUST DOESN’T cut it. In fact, it’s all of his work wrapped up into garbage delivery. Don’t get me wrong. I hope he gets back on track, but I doubt it. He’s reaching for anything to pull another dollar out. And I’m keeping my dollars!!!!

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