Bethesda’s DLC Policy: Small and Digestible


War never changes, but Bethesda’s idea of expanding upon their games does. Rather than dole out a full expansion pack every year, Betheda’s new policy is to release smaller DLC packs more often.

Bethesda fans may have noticed that while Oblivion got a Shivering Isles or Morrowind got a Bloodmoon, Fallout 3 got smaller DLC packs instead. Why is that? Turns out that there’s been a change in Bethesda’s philosophy.

Creating mammoth expansion packs takes a whole lot of time and effort, but on the other side, smaller injections of DLC like The Pitt allow Bethesda to keep doling out more content in less time. Sounds good to me Bethesda, I detest waiting ages for an expansion pack as well!

Just a few days ago, we caught wind of what BioWare has in store for Dragon Age: Origins’ DLC. Why everybody’s discussing each others DLC philosophies beats us, though.

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