Lilo & Stitch – DVD Review


For the Lilo & Stitch aficionado, this is a gem of a DVD. For the rest of us, however, not so much. I never liked Lilo & Stitch. Maybe it’s because it came toward the end of Disney’s 2-D animation reign. Maybe I just couldn’t stand Stitch. Probably a little bit of both. Still, it’s better than the ill-fated mess that was Home on the Range.


So, what do you get in this 2-Disc Big Wave Edition? Disc one not only includes the movie with optional audio commentary, but also contains the following features:

You Ohana” Music Video

The music vid for the film, performed by The Hawaiian Chorus.

Lilo & Stitch Island Adventures Games

A wide variety of games that children can play and enjoy.

DisneyPedia: Hawaii – The Islands of Aloha

Explore the Hawaiian Islands with this fun interactive feature.

Create Your Own Alien Experiment Game

Pretty self-explanatory from the name, right? But it’s also a trivia game about the film.

A Stitch in Time: Follow Stitch Through the Disney Years

Watch as Disney cleverly inserts Stitch into several of its other animated films.

Hula Lessons

Learn how to Hula.

“Burning Love” – Behind the Scenes with Wynonna

Wynonna (Judd) talks about her experience recording the end song for the film.

“I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” Music Video

A music vid performed by the A-Teens! Anyone remember them?

Animating the Hula

Another self-explanatory feature.


On the second DVD you get a second disc with a two-hour documentary on the making of the film. Yes, two hours! Not even Pinocchio, Snow White, or even Aladdin had that.

Is this film worthy of a two hour documentary? In my opinion, no. It’s an okay movie. But nothing to get overly excited about. It’s not a monumental achievement by any stretch of the imagination. True, it takes place in Hawaii, and the main female isn’t a classic Disney princess, but it’s still not worth the documentary.

Along with the documentary are extensive footnotes. Footnotes, you ponder? Yes. They reference other Disney films and a variety of different things that you can watch the footage of in order to further your understanding of the world that is Lilo & Stitch.

You can also watch plenty of deleted scenes and early versions of scenes as well.


If you love Lilo & Stitch, this is a great DVD for you. For the rest of us, not so much.

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