Free Agents Season 1 – DVD Review


Free Agents is a six episode romcom starring Stephen Mangan (Green Wing), Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spooks) and Sharon Horgan (Pulling).

The story covers depressed talent agent Alex (Mangan) as he goes through divorce and his working, then romancing Helen (Horgan) another depressed talent agent. Free Agents comes off very much like The Office (the original British version) where every element of an average office comes into play. It can be argued as a comedy but comes off more a romance story so it’s shaky ground to begin with with most of the possible male audience. How it redeems itself to come off more as a cautionary tale, showing men what could happen to them at later life and is incredibly strong. So each episode follows Alex as Helen tries to set him up with women as broken as he is through various means. While not sounding too interesting it is incredibly addictive and with a complete season running time of only two hours it’s over way too fast. Kind of like Entourage done on the cheap without the sun.

The extras include deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary track, photo gallery and extra content. It’s enough to keep fans happy and certainly more than one would expect from most British comedy releases. Free Agents is a tough act to judge. While many different aspects are in place it’s hard to recommend without reservation as if you don’t like the romance elements it’s easy to become bored due to the lack of laugh-out-loud moments. It’s hard to consider comedy but interesting certainly.

Free Agents Season 1 is out now on Region 2 DVD in the UK.

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