Body of Lies – DVD Review

Body of Lies DVD

In the pantheon of Leonardo DeCaprio/Post 9/11 action/spy/mystery/international thrillers which consist of Blood Diamond, The Departed, Munich, Syriana, Traffic, Body of Lies manages to be one of the better entries. That is not to say the film doesn’t have its flaws or shouldn’t use some work in the editing department, but it manages to maintain a level of fun and frivolous, secretive, governmental conspiracy that will keep you in the seat. However, that’s pretty much all the film does, a vehicle propelling its two stars of DeCaprio and Russell Crowe through the two hours.

Following a trail of bread crumbs of a series of terrorist attacks, the CIA employs Roger Ferris, played by Leonardo DeCaprio, to hunt down the mastermind behind the series of crimes. Meanwhile, an ever present eye in the sky, as seen through the eyes of the CIA’s Ed Hoffman, played by the ever snacking Russell Crowe, follows and “assists” DeCaprio throughout his search. Mystery and intrigue ensue, as well as some surprising comedic moments as DeCaprio is warned by some children about eating certain foods. Overall, a decently entertaining flick.

On this particular single disc edition DVD there are exactly zero special features, save a few preview trailers, which does include the famous WATCHMEN teaser. Aside from that, there is an insert card that gives you the link to download a digital copy if you so desire.

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