National Lampoon’s Stoned Age – Stoned for all Ages

National Lampoon’s Stoned Age

National Lampoon’s Stoned Age is not for all ages. It’s a rude, and uncensored comedy that tells the story of a cavemen trying to figure out the meaning of life.

The story is really silly, but I have to admit that I did laugh many times. It felt like a Woody Allen flick with the main character Ishbo being a philosophical caveman. This is a National Lampoon film and if you don’t already know what to expect, you’ve never seen a National Lampoon film. It never takes itself too seriously and that’s great.

There are a couple of issues with the film. There are plenty of scenes that were shot in front of a green screen and they stick out like a sore thumb. The CGI while isn’t top-notch Pixar quality, it’s leagues above Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling CGI squirrels. Lastly, even at 88 minutes, the film feels is too long. It seems like this idea of a caveman story was developed out of a joke itself. The story lags in the end of the second act. But it does make up for that by having a scene where Ishbo has to impregnate an Amazon tribe.

I was stunned to see actress Talia Shire in this film. She didn’t have much to do, and regretably there weren’t any Rocky jokes. Other big stars include David Carradine and Gary Busey.

There are tons of extra features that if you enjoyed the film, you might enjoy these extras. If you didn’t enjoy the film, the extras aren’t worth your time.

Overall this pre-hysterical film isn’t for everyone, but if you know what you’re getting yourself into it’s a fun rent.

Please note that this film was originally titled National Lampoon’s Homo Erectus.

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