Amusement a Thought-Provoking Morality Tale


Many of us value the concept of normalcy. Our normal lives. Our normal friends. Our normal thoughts. Anytime an abnormal event of person interferes in that idealistic world we have painted for ourselves, we generally react in a negative or defensive manner. But what happens when that reaction to the abnormal stimuli becomes a driving force for revenge?

Such is the case in the new slasher flick Amusement. Back in elementary school three girls and an oddball boy were showing their diorama projects to one another. The girls didn’t like the boy’s project, which he felt was funny. In fact it was quite the opposite; it was more macabre than anything else. So now, oh so many decades later, he’s out to teach these now hot girls a lesson.

A lesson in amusement through terror!


Amusement, despite my initial thoughts, is not along the same lines as the Saw or Hostel franchises. The term “torture porn” has been bandied about to describe the abovementioned films, but Amusement deals more in suspense and scares than blood, guts, and gore.

While there are moments of grossness, they pale in comparison to scenes found in the Saw or Hostel films.

One thing I was very surprised about was the lack of any female nudity in the movie. None of the girls take a shower, undress, have sex, or get naked for no reason. It’s a sad state in American cinema when hot chicks aren’t getting naked in our horror movies anymore. (Heavy sigh)

I know what you’re thinking. Why is Amusement thought-provoking? Well, let me tell you. It teaches us the value of being nice to others. Of not taking their ideas, creativity, or opinions and trashing them. You never know who will take those harsh words and criticisms to heart and come after you as a psychotic killer years later.


Kind of makes you take a step back and think about those you made fun of in school and try and find them before they hunt you down and kill you.

Aside for the egregious lack of nudity, Amusement offers zero special features. No commentary. No nothing. Unless, of course, you count the option of widescreen and full versions as a special feature. AND I DON’T!

Bottom line, I liked it. It kept me watching. I’m sure if some A-list teen stars were in it we would see it in theaters along with My Bloody Valentine: 3-D.

Amusement earns a B. If you don’t fear clowns before the film, you just may fear them after.

Picturehouse/ New Line Cinema
Starring Keir O’Donnell, Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge, and Jessica Lucas
Directed by John Simpson
Rated R for horror violence, terror, and disturbing images (but sadly, not for nudity)
Running Time = 85 minutes

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