Nyko Wing – Wii Classic Controller Killer?

Nyko Wing

If you’ve ever used the Wii Classic Controller to play Wii Virtual Console games, you might have noticed that it has a very retro feel. Sure this might be done on purpose since the idea is to use the controller to play old-school games, but what happened to a little thing called comfort?

Maybe it’s just that the Japanese have smaller hands than the rest of the world. Nyko has released their competitor to Nintendo’s Class Controller, called Wing. The first thing that you’ll notice is literally, the wings on the controller. Both sides of the controller feature extra grip. This grip helps out a lot. This extra bulge makes the controller more comfortable. It would have been nicer if Nyko extended the grips so that there were a tad longer.

It is a very stylish controller with a good color scheme and form. The controller itself is wireless. It uses two AAA batteries and then it syncs up through a small attachment in the Wii-mote. The batteries last for about thirty hours, which is definitely a long time for gaming.

If you’re looking for a controller to play Wii Virtual Console games, this should be on the top of your list.

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