Nova Gaming Winner 3 – Is it a Winner?

Nova Gaming Winner 3 mouse pad

Is it a winner? I crack myself up sometimes. Only sometimes, not everytime. If you’re a hardcore PC gamer looking for high-end gaming products that will improve your game, check out Nova Gaming!

The Winner 3 is a stylish and effective mouse pad. It is in the shape that an average PC gamer would be moving their hand in. It has a wide circular top, great for swiftly moving the mouse left to right, helping to prevent the mouse from ever falling off of the pad.

It has a DPI of 8000, meaning there is more sensitivity if you’re using a laser mouse. You can literally see this in action, with its reflective surface padding. Moving any mouse on this surface is so smooth.

Another great feature is that the pad itself sticks to a surface, but can be removed easily without leaving any marks. It’s practically like a suction cup. If you’re a gamer you know how frustrating it can be to have a mouse pad slide all over the place.

Nova Gaming also sells several other larger and smaller gaming mouse pads. They are affordable high-end mouse pads. You’ll notice a major difference between this mouse pad and other pads for even non-gaming applications. It’s a winner in my book. Check them out at

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2 thoughts on “Nova Gaming Winner 3 – Is it a Winner?”

  1. “It has a DPI of 8000, meaning there is more sensitivity if you’re using a laser mouse. ”

    WTF? Do you even think about what you write instead of repeating marketing bs? A mousepad having a dpi value… yeah, right…

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