DVD Review: The Clique

The Clique DVD

The Clique is a movie based on the book series about 7th graders girls and everything they go through. While these girls do not portray the average private school girl with couture clothing instead of uniforms, the cliquey-ness it’s beyond real. The main character is Claire, a new student at OCD from Florida living in Massie, the rich, pretty, most popular girl in school’s, guesthouse. Massie feels threatened by/ hates Claire and sets her little Pretty Committee to take her out socially. 

Massie is the queen bee of OCD and of her clique the Pretty Committee, she is rude, high maintenance and snobby. Her clique consists of 3 other girls, Dylan, Aleesha, and Kristen. All 3 girls still have to fight for their acceptance of Massie. While these tweens are decked out in couture, some of the Pretty Committee has their own personal issues to deal with. Dylan is “fat” or so says her mom, Kristen is living in an apartment (GASP) and is on financial aid (OMG)! 

While the average 7th grader barely has 100 dollars in their debit card, these girls have credit cards and Marc Jacobs bag. I believe that the book series and this movie will be so popular because it’s every tween and teenaged girl’s fantasy. Expensive clothes with labels that you know and understand, and ruling the school, even though these girls are secretly hated but envied most if not ALL girls can relate to Claire, Massie or the entourage. This movie is a flash back to some of the most traumatizing days of a girls life, but as an alumnae of the tween days, it makes one happy to see the LBR (loser beyond repair) to strike back against the clique. 

The DVD is filled with cool extra features; one or many of the features is only available to PC users. For Mac and DVD users you are able to find about the clique couture, interview with the clique, the author and Tyra Banks. Also the search for the real life Pretty Committee, a gag reek and an “EHMAGAWD! We’re Rolling”. These extra features give you a look at what the girls are really like and the whole transformation from the book to the movie.

While this movie was enjoyable, it would be AH-MAZING for a tween or even a teenager! Christmas is coming up.

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