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Populous DS

The first Popolous game that I played was Populous III: The Beginning. This game introduced the series to a 3D world. I absolutely loved the game. Since then I’ve seen plenty of gameplay footage of the first game and I will honestly say that now that I’ve played the DS remake, I didn’t miss out on much.

The world has an isometric view and as a God, you try to conquer other tribes. View an area on the map and you can send earthquakes, swamps, and various other disasters to your enemies. Raise and lower your ground environment to help your tribesmen grow and prosper.

Since I never played the original title, I don’t know if its simply the gameplay from the original was so unresponsive or if it’s simply the DS port. Players cannot select individual units. So to tell units to build or attack becomes pretty pointless when you can’t directly guide them. Because of this, the game gets dull really fast.

The game starts off with a long ass tutorial. When you’ve finally completed this tutorial, you’ll want to stop playing the game.

It’s great that XSEED Games added four player wireless multiplayer and featured 50 different single player missions, but ultimately this package isn’t worth a purchase or a rent. The original Populous title is famous for it is one of the first God game. But having a legendary status, doesn’t mean that the game stands the test of time.

If you want to play a Populous game, I recommend checking out Populous: The Beginning.

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