REVIEW: The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 2

My biggest complaint about this dvd is that Papa Smurf isn’t as featured on the cover as he should be.

What can I say? If you were raised on the classics then you want the Smurfs- not for the same purposes as Gargamel, but you still have a hunger for them. They’re happy, little tales of happy, little people leading happy, big lives. . . . . . see what I did there?

Before your kids start growin’ up and away from fairy-tales and cartoony-toons, introduce them to the Smurfs. They’re innocent and responsible and they always manage to work through any difficulty simply by rolling up their non-existant sleeves, and smurfing together.

Also, for the record, any smurfin’ word can be replaced by the word ‘smurf.’ Tomorrow, at work, when your boss asks you to go grab something for him, just say, “I’ll smurf to it.” Or if a classmate makes a statement that you agree with, raise your voice and say, “I smurf that, player.”

People will invite you to parties.

But only if you bring your Smurfs dvds.

This is a great dvd with a seriously exciting featurette about the series. I look forward to the future volumes, and I recommend them all to America’s youth, America’s old attempting to reclaim their youth, and those just looking for one smurf of a good time.

I give this dvd Four out of Five Pure White Pants.

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