The Mojave Experiment

People can be easily persuaded by others. I mean lets face it, why would you be reading this if you didn’t want my thoughts and opinion?

For a long time now, Apple has been giving Microsoft a run for its money with an amazing PR campaign. I’d imagine that everyone reading this right now has seen the Mac vs. PC commercials. Sometime after Windows Vista came out, Apple started airing commercials that smeared Vista for crashing and not being secure.

I’ve been using Windows Vista since it came out and while I have had issues with the operating software at times, it is a big improvement over previous Windows platforms.

Microsoft has come up with a way to ‘fight’ back against the bad rep Vista received in its earlier days with The Mojave Experiment. The website claims that these are all ‘regular people’ who don’t like Windows Vista, but who have also never used it.They are given copies of Microsoft’s newest operating system codenamed Mojave, while in reality it’s simply a copy of Windows Vista.

Obviously the website shows people who actually enjoy Mojave, and then are revealed that it’s just Vista.

Even if these people are paid actors, not saying that they are, it’s a great experiment. It goes to remind everyone, that you have to be wary of the source that you’re receiving information from. Remember that the best source for information is you. Only you can decide if something is good or bad. Please don’t be ignorant and base a judgment on something before you’ve actually tried it out.

And with that in mind, enjoy your weekend!

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