The Batman Season 5 – Review

I was never a fan of Kid’s WB’s The Batman. I saw the pilot and was left with a ‘meh’ feeling. The direction the series took was more light-hearted than Batman: The Animated Series, so should I bother to watch the same origin stories of The Dark Knight if they aren’t entertaining?

When I received The Batman Season 5 DVD, my hopes for enjoying this collection were low. After watching all 13 episodes I have to say that I actually liked almost all of them!

This season is different from the previous ones in that Batman is now a team player. He’s working with Batgirl, Robin, and even members of the Justice League. Each one of these characters brings in a different feel that no other previous Batman series had.

The animation still isn’t on par with Batman: The Animated Series. It’s very similar to the Jackie Chan Adventures series.

Initially, I hated the music. It sounded like a bunch of midi files being mixed together.

However, the animation and music did grow on me. They suited the series nicely considering that it wasn’t trying to be this dark and epic story.

There isn’t an over-arching story. Each episode contains its own beginning, middle, and end. Occassionally villains like The Joker do appear. They always have plans to destroy Batman or Gotham and each time they feel different.

There are some special features that explain the Justice League characters and why they teamed up this season with Batman. These extras aren’t really worth watching.

It’s the mixture of comedy, adventure, and action, which is so well balanced in this season, that I recommend any fan of the Bat to go out and purchase this 2-disc DVD package.

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