Hellboy 2 International Posters


Now that the trailers for Hellboy 2 have come around it’s time for the posters
to also show up. So you can see exactly what to expect all the international
poster designs have appeared online and can be found at the below website


The general story of Hellboy is of that of a comic book hero.  Hellboy is a big
red guy with a rock for a hand battling supernatural creatures. For those who
are interested in supernatural movies the original Hellboy came out a few
years ago.

Its now around in a 3 disc set with a ton of extras including a 2 hour making-of.
The best way to sum-up the extras is to compare them to
the detail of that of Lord of the Rings. Hellboy stars Ron Perman in the title
role and Selma Blair as his love interest.

What does this mean for you? An advanced heads up on what to expect in
the cinema. If it gets you interested you know what to look for and what to
search for the trailer of on the net.

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