Cult of the Fanboy


With the release of the PS3 in all territories and the Wii to be released in it’s final
territories soon sometimes it’s nice to remember those devoted fans. The fanboy’s.

Fanboy’s are those people who buy one console over the other and defend them
online on as many websites as possible trying to make people who have chosen
the other side sound like the fools. They quote hardware specs and exclusive titles
and more often than not are very passionate people.

While lots of fanboys are harmless there are some occasions when violence does occur.
Just take those PS3 “riots” when the console was released in some territories.
This had some instances where people were attacked for their console. There
are some that believe that in some cases fanboys were behind it but in other
ways it looks like just idle media speculation and propaganda.

What’s not speculation is that the fanboy ideal is still very much alive. Just take a look
at any online games forum and there will be people knocking consoles and franchises
just because they support the competition. There is nothing wrong with fanboys
in general but those who take it to the extreme in a violent or aggressive language
kind of way should be considered wrong and even bring shame for the side they are
supposed to be in support of.

What this means for you? Nothing new but still something that people should
keep an eye on. Just remember the fanboys are out there. If you are one just remember
to act to others how you would wish them to act to you (on forums and in real life).

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