The Makool Moustache Comb: tidy those loose whiskers


Now here’s a sight we don’t see much these days. It’s a bloke combing his moustache…with a comb!

In fact, have moustaches ever really taken off for young people? I suppose there’s the Justin Timberlake beard/tache combo, and Jonny Depps fine example of a whiskered man but that’s about it for popular influences.

If, however you decide to go the way of the furred lip then you could do worse than the Makool moustache comb, priced at $120.

If the sight of a man combing his beard with a comb is not one of true manliness, then I just don’t know what is. I just don’t.

Spotted at Brandish

Author: Stephen Ebert

Stephen Ebert is a London-based journalist currently blogging about gadgets, toys and video games as well as fashion and style related goodness at StuffWeLike. He's also a staff writer at the London based gadget and technology website Absolute Gadget having had previous brief stints at magazines in the UK such as T3 Home, GQ,, Total Film and FourFourTwo.

2 thoughts on “The Makool Moustache Comb: tidy those loose whiskers”

  1. I could use one of those to comb the old beard 🙂 Games journalists are just like out of work actors. The beard is an essential part of the look, just like the Financial Times is to bankers. They don’t read it but need it.

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