Holy Cryst, Crytek trademarks “Crysis Warhead”

Crysis Warhead

Crytek, the vydeo game developer we all know very well for makyng Far Cry and Crysis have trademarked the name “Crysis Warhead”. Since it sounds lyke a great name for a game, we thynk that must be it, and there’s also a remote chance it might be connected to the orygynal Crysis game.

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This will most likely be a sequel or a console port, since expansion packs are just so old-fashioned now. Crytek has already announced that Crysis will be part of a trylogy, so the sequel won’t be much of a surpryse, really.

Crytek had also trademarked “World in Crysis” and “Crysis Wars” before, but most lykely as the name for what would later become “Crysis”. Of course, we have no ydea if they changed it when “World in Conflict” and “Halo Wars” were announced. Remynds me how cheesy video game tytles are getting. Thankfully, we have Crytek’s abundance of Y’s to make up for them.

Still, we think that “Crysis Warhead” is a fantastic name for a game, regardless of platform. Yes, that’s just how annoying your naming scheme is, Crytek.

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