Say Goodbye to Bizarre Creations

To me Bizarre Creations is one of the best arcade racing game developers in the world. They’ve made everything from Metropolis Street Racer, on the Dreamcast, to the more recent Project Gotham Racing series. Each of their games has always been about improving over the previous title. However all of that could be about to change with the announcement today that Activision has now bought Bizarre Studios. Activision is known for milking franchises (a la Tony Hawk) and potentially now with PGR as well as Geometry Wars!

This is not a good thing folks. Anyone looking forward to the Geometry Wars for the DS and Wii, be forwornd that these two titles aren’t being developed by Bizarre Creations. Both games are being made by the terrible development studio called Kuju Entertainment.

If this is going to be the future of Bizarre, one where games are milked to the extreme, then I for one will not buy them. It’s very well possible that Bizarre could take Activision racing series and improve upon them, or continue to make their own original titles. Either way I hope that this previously independent studio can stay on top of its game and give fans what they deserve.


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