Halo 3 Midnight Launch Video

[Update #6]
The video player seems to be up and running now. If you have any issues let us know.

[Update #5!!!]
Here’s the YouTube version as we wait on the technical difficulties to be worked out. We’ve heard from some users that their experience with the player is that it’s running fine. If you’d like to see the high quality version of this video, click on the Videos tab above and go to the StuffWeLike TV. Look under StuffWeLike.com Podcasts and Video Reviews.[Update #4]
We’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the video player. It may take a while to load videos.

[Update #3]
The Halo 3 launch video podcast is now online!

– – – –

We’re editing the new podcast of the Halo 3 launch at Universal Citywalk. Stay tuned for further updates later today. I hope that it can be released sometime in the late afternoon period, but I’m tired so I might take a nap instead.

This episode actually features something brand-new to the podcast. I won’t say what it is, but if you’ve seen any of our previous podcasts you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Also I’d like to take this time to thank everyone that submitted photos and videos to the Halo 3 Coverage show!

After being kicked out of the my college’s library during a fire drill, I’m back! As I was saying – if you have pictures or videos of your Halo 3 launch experience send them over to Halo@splashcast.net

Check back for more updates coming later in the day about the new podcast episode.

[Update #2]

Expect the new episode within the next hour.

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