Don’t buy a Xbox 360!

Xbox 360 HDMI

Yes it’s true don’t because in the coming weeks Microsoft will be rolling out brand new Premium consoles that include HDMI outputs. Microsoft isn’t making a big deal over this because Microsoft will not be recalling the old Xbox 360 Premiums that are currently in stores to replace them with the new HDMI hardware. So if you can, wait a couple weeks or ideally a couple of months until more reports come flooding in across the net about the new HDMI Xbox 360 Premium units being available in stores! These new models will also include a 65nm processor aka the Xbox 360 will be quieter and will not run as hot as the current 90nm processors do.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t buy a Xbox 360!”

  1. Opposable Thumbs says that they could.

    Ultimately Microsoft has to fix this over heating problem and everyone seems fixated that including the smaller processors will do the job. Losing $1 billion on recalls alone I’d imagine that Microsoft is going to get these new hardware sets out as soon as possible. I can’t imagine that Microsoft would go through another Holiday season with old technology that would only back-lash against them in the long term. With their astronomical predications of Halo 3 I would assume Microsoft is trying to fix their hardware issues before they move thousands of Xbox 360 units.

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