Free game, free prizes – what’s not to like?

Battle Ball

Battle Ball is Mindwave Games’ first fully online multiplayer game that is reminiscent of Pong yet now in 3D. As far as gameplay goes the big twist is how easy it is to play the game. Control the paddle with your mouse and to hit the ball on a curve simply move the mouse quickly in some direction as you hit the ball.

Mindwave is giving gamers the ability to compete in this free game for tournament prizes. The first couple of prizes are Game Maker 7 software license plus “Game Maker’s Apprentice”, and Civilization IV. I’ve tried Battle Ball out and don’t worry because it doesn’t give you spyware or other crap. There really was no lag in matches either.

Kirby Zhang, the President of Mindwave Games says, “We hope to get sponsors at some point, but right now we’re buying the prize for our players. It’s really not that expensive compared to actually making this game.”

Free game, free prizes = no brainer. Download it now!

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3 thoughts on “Free game, free prizes – what’s not to like?”

  1. Thanks David!

    The nice thing about the tournament system is it’s automatic, and we can keep having new prizes. If you guys review something people really like, I could probably add it to the tournaments!

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