What Cloverfield is and what it isn’t.

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Yesterday I posted an article about some Cloverfield information, along with a poster with a possible title. Well during the Paramount board at Comic-Con Abrams briefly touched on the subject of the movie. First off, it’s not called Monstrous, but that poster IS indeed the official poster. Secondly, there’s no way that it’s anything but a unique character. It’s not Godzilla, King Kong, Cthulhu, Voltron, Ghostbusters 4, or even Blair Witch 3. Its a unique creature that’s going to be America’s monster movie monster.

So for now we have no name, no pictures of the monster, nothing really new. What we do have is a rumor debunked, and confirmation that it’s not a preexisting creature. If anything new comes out about the movie, I’ll post it here as soon as possible.

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  1. Well that’s the nickname for the creature at least now, but I doubt it’s an actual parasite. An actual parasite isn’t too threatening or terrifying, and certainly wouldn’t get large enough to wreak enough destruction to destroy all of New York.

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