Saw IV’s poster revealed

Saw 4 Poster Smaller Size

Oh, goodie. Another Saw movie. In my opinion, the first was good and the rest were all sucky money-making plots (pun not intended). If they had reduced the movie to a simple albeit gruesome demonstration of the various traps, I would have liked the movies. And yes, the traps are all very innovative things. The syringe pit is my favourite.

Well, there are three more Saw movies coming out and Saw IV is one of them. The poster below me shows the head of Jigsaw on a bucket suspended from a weighing scale. While it’s a good poster, I don’t find it particularly impacting, like the earlier movies. My favourite would be Saw II’s poster.

What is really interesting is the tagline “It’s a trap”. Sapphire’s comment at the source revealed what could have been one hell of an awesome poster. Click here to check it out.

If you really want to know, the movie will be releasing on October 26th. I know I’m not watching it.

Click on the poster above to see a larger version.


4 thoughts on “Saw IV’s poster revealed”

  1. Oh God, they’re making THREE more of these? I was fine with the first one, but I agree on the rest. Still, the syringe pit literally makes me want to throw up.

  2. The second one was pretty lame. It lost it’s whole cool-ness. I forgot why exactly, but I just remember it not being worthwhile. As such I didn’t bother to see the third.

  3. DUDE! i just saw Saw IV today and HOLY CRAP I dont see how you think the last ones are bad because i though they kept getting better and better. The 4th installment is so amazing! You really should go see it.

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