Dark Knight, Anthony Michael Hall’s character revealed? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)


An interesting little tidbit from Batman-On-Film Chicago filming spy:

“Anthony Michael Hall is not someone created for the film (like ‘Rachel Dawes’). His character is from the comic books and is rather well known. I know you don’t do spoilers, so let’s just say he seems to be good, but is really bad, or it could be the other way around — it’s quite the ‘mystery.’ The fans will definately [sic] get a kick out of his appearance in the film!”

Sounds like Vernon Field, a character from “The Long Halloween” series of Batman comics. Here’s a short description of the character from Wikipedia.

“Vernon appears to be meek, unassuming and harmless-looking. In reality, however, he is cunning and extremely corrupt, a tool of Gotham City’s gangsters.”

In “The Long Halloween”, Field was indirectly responsible for the creation of Two-Face, supplying an associate with a disguised bottle of acid, which is sprayed in Harvey Dent’s face during a court testimony, mutilating Dent and triggering his downward spiral into a psychotic killer. Say, “Hello,” to Internet Sherlock!

[Props Feldman!] [Via IGN]

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