Rob Zombie making EXTRA sure he ruins “Halloween”


It looks like Rob Zombie is putting in some overtime in his effort to undoubtedly ruin the second greatest modern cinema monster (non shall surpass Leatherface!), according to the gore hounds over at Bloody-Disgusting.

“…Rob Zombie has been hard at work filming new material for his remake of HALLOWEEN, which is slated for release on August 31. Today ended seven straight days of grueling filming around the Los Angeles area, which included the addition of six, count ‘em, six new death sequences! The film has been given a serious boost in violence, gore and bloodshed… but that’s not the big news – we received word that an entire new finale has been shot. Details are mum on what is different, but we’re told the new ending is quite gruesome!!”

Any iota of respect I had left for Rob Zombie was based strictly on the fact that he is largely responsible for Astro-Creep 2000, which I think is one of the greatest albums ever, but adding unnecessary rape scenes, ridiculous gore, and a gruesome ending to a remake of the movie that did horror BEST without all those things is really testing my patience. As a director, I’ll hand it to Rob, he’s got vision. As a writer, he’s a talentless hack that needs to keep from stomping on sacred ground.


6 thoughts on “Rob Zombie making EXTRA sure he ruins “Halloween””

  1. Rob Zombie doesn’t understand how to make a horror movie scary, he just knows how to make you want to throw up. I didn’t even know he was doing a Halloween remake, but I’ll pass on it now that I do know.

  2. blah fanboys these days just bitch and moan about things…I liked the remake….It actually made more sense of why he went mental and started killing. The remake of texas chainsaw sucked ass though.

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