Sabretooth going the way of Captain America?


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You know how it goes. Wolverine and Sabretooth fight, beat each other to death, and come back for more. Every time you think it’s the last fight, one of them (usually Sabretooth) regenerates from a single fingernail over the course of a year or two, and the rivalry begins anew. But, it may not be that way the next time they fight.

In a conference call with writer Jeph Loeb, IGN got some pretty interesting clues into what is looking like the impending demise of Sabretooth. Loeb expressed a desire to give Wolvie a new rival, a head honcho type rather than another thug. But, if Wolverine is to have a new arch-nemesis, what’s to happen to Sabretooth?

“If you’ve been reading Wolverine: Origins then you’re aware of the fact that a sword exists… that can actually kill him,” said Loeb. “Whereas his healing power would always work, if he was cut by this sword, it would not work. As we have learned through this story, Wolverine and Sabretooth aren’t brothers at all, but they’re from the same species. What will work on Logan will work on Creed.”

Here’s what Loeb had to say when IGN asked if Sabretooth was on the Green Mile:

“I don’t want to spoil anything,” Loeb replied. “If you connect the dots… If by the end of issue #54, you think what Sabretooth has done is okay, which Logan does not… Victor is really, really out of control. Combine that with the fact that we see in the preview art that Wolverine went to get a sword that could kill himself… I think you could connect a line. But I don’t want to spoil anything. I think the question is if he doesn’t kill him, then why doesn’t he. I’ve written that story, I wrote about why the Batman doesn’t kill the Joker. This will be different.”

Uh oh! Loeb goes on later in the conversation about how much freedom he has with his writing at Marvel, how big changes are taking place across the board, and how comics are no longer content to be the same story month to month, year to year. Coupled with some of the preview shots from the upcoming fight (which I have galleried below), things are looking grim for Victor Creed, especially in that last page. Dang!

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