Apple iTunes: Privacy Issues


So we all know that iTunes, Ipods, well let’s face it Mac products seem to be taking over the earth. However, how safe is it? Well iTunes now has iTunes plus to let you download music well, better…so they say. Apparently when you download songs from iTunes plus it leave information embedded in the song, and that information is not encrypted. So basically your information if you were to lose your ipod or shuffle or even a notebook is out there for the open. Now if you think about it, this is kind of huge your information personal stuff that’s not supposed to be out there is well out there.

Now iTunes the regular one well that’s supposed to also leave information in the song but the difference is that that information is encrypted well so they say.

The only person who is really talking about this right now is a radio show host on Am 1070 Jeff Levy and Apple is refusing to comment on this whole situation, odd enough?

Help spread the word if you know anymore information comment why don’t you- c’mon people this is huge!

I guess this time PC > Mac

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