Oceans 13: Not Too Shabby


Well I am not a great movie critic, nor a respectable one but I am a frequent movie go-er who might share the same opinions as many out there.

Oceans 13 started off well but from seeing the other two, Oceans 11 and Oceans 12 one could already tell what the plot and how it was going to unfold would be. The only difference-well the biggest in this one was the fact that it seemed like the conflict was straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. Things just got more complicated to where it seemed like there would be no end, but none-the-less Hollywood pulled through and it worked out in a fairly well told story.

The movie was good over-all but despite that the movie had it’s bland moments where the yawning in the theater was apparent.

Can’t say that I’m mad though, I had a free movie pass.

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