Variety Is Good

As the saying goes, never put all of your eggs in one basket. When I began developing my first game I thought that in a couple of years the game would be completed. As development went on I realized that the game would take many years to create at the rate that we were making it. I then joined a fan-game The 7th Guest III. Later I saw a post on a forum asking for help on a space-fight game and I decided to join that project. 

I had fun working on all of these projects and no I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all of the tasks at hand. The thing is that my original project collapsed because it was too large for an indie-team to create. Also I left the 7th Guest because I disliked the way that the head of the project was leading the team. 

The amazing thing is that it’s the last project that I joined that is actually working and seems like it will be completed. If I had not joined this project I wouldn’t be hear today. I would have thrown years of my life at projects that failed. The likelihood is that if you have multiple projects at least one of them should succeed. Time will tell if The Divine does. It would be great if I could tell though…

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