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Always listen to your users! They are the ones who will support your company from birth till death. Without them your company is worthless. Make sure that you support your community and thank them for their comments.

 Already the users who have commented on my posts have ensured me that this blog is worthwhile. I thank you all for the support!

Sure some feedback can basically be seen as spam but it’s likely that the majority will be very useful in tailoring your game to their liking. After all it makes better business sense to appease the masses rather than yourself.

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3 thoughts on “User Feedback”

  1. reminds me of the old cliche..keep an open mind, but don’t let it fall out..

    My computer repair guy friend tells me none of his customers express any interest in Windows Vista. Should Microsoft listen to the users and not make any more operating systems?

    Users are great for pointing out details you’ve overlooked. But as designer and initiator, YOU must be the one to drive forward with a vision — something not too good for distributing among too many people.

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