20th Century Fox pulling bad reviews from YouTube?

20th Century Fox on YouTube

Now, I’ve come across pages on YouTube saying that 20th Century Fox has just acted like an ass and have taken off a video for copyright infringement (when it really was the case). But it turns out that movie leaks aren’t the only thing 20th Century Fox is pulling out. If this guy at The Movie Blog is right, then his negative review of the truly abysmal Reno 911: Miami may have been yoinked by ‘Fox.

YouTube sent him an e-mail telling him that 20th Century Fox doesn’t want that video on, due to copyright infringement. The guy, “John”, retaliates by saying that all the content he used in the review was from free trailers, the sort of stuff you don’t pay for, you know? He has not used pirated material in the review, and has hence, not infringed no copyrights.

20th Century Fox hasn’t yet talked about the matter, giving John ample time to spread the message that they are yoinking bad reviews from YouTube and so on. Is this the truth? Is a big, veteran corporation like 20th Century Fox capable of preying on us inferior, internet-obsessed weaklings just to keep reputation? Like hell they are.