An Interview with the creator of Solitaire

Solitaire Evil

Wes Cherry. You may have never heard of this man, but he is responsible for more things than you can guess. He single-handedly caused a national recession, destroyed countless hours of productivity and invented a game that would become what is probably the most-played video game of all time – Solitaire.

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Windows 7 still going for 2010, Gates’ statement wrong

Windows 7 Release

Regardless of how much you hate Microsoft Windows, we just know you had that delightful sparkle in your eye when we told you earlier this week that Bill Gates has said that Windows 7 will ship next year. Turns out that is too good be true, and Microsoft is still holding on to the whole “3 years after Vista” charade, meaning that no Windows 7 for you till 2010.

But there’s more to this software mutiny, after the break!

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Bill Gates: Windows 7 cut back to release in 2009

Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpaper

We brought you rumours about it all the way back in January, but it looks like it has been confirmed by the big man Mr. Gates himself – Windows 7, the next version of Windows will be shipping next year itself! While we’re not sure how that’s terribly good news, we’re going to be all excited about it all the same!

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