What? Gordon-Levitt still in talks for TDKR?

Recent word about Gordon-Levitt joining the cast.

According to Deadline.com, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still in talks to play an unspecified role in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. For many months, it had been heavily rumored that Gordon-Levitt was up for consideration to play the villain in the film, and that the villain would be The Riddler. But last month, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that Tom Hardy would be joining the cast as the villain Bane. Word of Gordon-Levitt joining the cast is a huge mystery now, given that Nolan himself has stated that The Riddler would not be in the film, and that The Joker is Heath Ledger’s legacy and would not be seen again. So what does this mean? Who will we see appear? Another villain (alongside Selina Kyle and Bane)? Or maybe he’ll play a good guy? Who knows… maybe we’ll see The Boy Wonder…

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