Cloverfield, another look into madness

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Okay, Garbled Zombie posted two articles about this movie a few weeks ago but much of the article is littered with information that has since been proven false. EthanHaasWasRight is not related to Cloverfield, this has been confirmed by producer J.J. Abrams, in fact it seems to viral marketing for a game called Alpha-Omega. So, while EHWR is not for Cloverfield there are viral Marketing sites out there. One of those all-but-confirmed sites is Slusho, but there is evidence backing up this claim. A scene in the trailer shows a character wearing a shirt with the slusho logo and name on it.

Picture of character with help from the 1-18-08 fanblog

Now, not only is that in the movie, but the company has been tied directly to past Abrams works. The name Slusho was in an episode of Alias, which was produced by Abrams himself, as an Icee type company. The site itself has been stated as a marketing site for Cloverfield by an inside source according to NBC, but not by Paramount of Abrams. The site is strange to say the least. The product’s history is riddled with more than it’s share of Engrish translations and shows a very mysterious past about the company’s creator and his family. The likelihood of the site being fake is slim, but still possible.

third official picture

Now since the last few posts another picture has come up. It doesn’t provide much, if any, information, but it’s definitely after the “attack” by the parasite. The smoke could be anything, an expulsion of gas from the parasite or just smoke from the falling debris of the surrounding buildings. Something that has been pointed out in the the last picture though, a girl in the lower right hand corner of the party has a photoshopped number on her, the number 9. The significance of this has yet to be seen.
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More digging on Cloverfield throws up new photo, half-baked forum

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The two photos, as of right now.

I’m a sucker for viral marketing campaigns. I spent a whole night chasing one particular campaign several months ago (the end result of which frustrated me). Well, “Cloverfield” is one interesting campaign and it has absorbed me. Again.

Following a link from a commenter, I found a related site (which was up for quite some time, as a bit of research pointed out). The site can be found here. To summarize, it just says “The Parasite” with a couple of links below and a “sponsor” link below that (I’ll get to it real soon). There is also a countdown which will end at August 1st (which, if you remember, is the date ‘Van’ mentioned). Now, the second link leads to the “Ethan Haas was right” place.

The second site released around the same time Ethan Haas did, but I missed it, apparently. The site showed a photo of a two women looking in shock at something. Now, nightowl3090 has posted a series of analytical breakdowns about Cloverfield. He suggests that the two womens’ images, if merged can form a perfect woman – with a bit of a problem at the teeth. He also talks about a possible “organic” thing in the background.

The second image, which I’m guessing was recently posted shows a bit of the party seen in the Cloverfield trailer. Looks pretty much like an average party pic, with the words “We’ll Miss” in the background. What I find creepy about that image is that guy (gal?) at the far right.

Read on to find out how a crappy forum figures into the grand scheme.

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J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfield” trailer, viral marketing leak out to the internet, we jump right on it.

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A screenshot from Video 1.

If you’ve seen Transformers, you’ll know that a secret trailer plays out in front of it. This “awesome” trailer has caught the eyes of many a moviegoer, leaving them stunned. The trailer is of J.J. Abrams’ next sci-fi project, which currently unnamed and goes by the codename “Cloverfield”.

The trailer is shot in a shaky home video camera style, which emulates a sense of reality and Youtube-ness. It is rumoured that the entire movie will be shot in this fashion. Wow. While all instances of the trailer have been forcefully deleted by Paramount, you can find one Google Video instance here at

But what has made the internet really crazy is the unveiling of the movie’s diabolical Viral Marketing campaign. Like all others, it melds mystery with fear, intrigue and above all, internet fun. The campaign in question is in the form of a mysterious website: It may not make much sense to you at first. Read on to find out what I, Brandon and a whole lot of other people have uncovered.

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