Terrordactyl – Movie Review


Ah, the beloved B-movie. A genre that gave filmmakers like Roger Corman a lifetime career and created fodder for over a decade of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. After all, not every film that Hollywood churns out every year is guaranteed to be a box office smash. There have to be films that still get made that are there strictly to entertain audiences even if the budget isn’t upwards of $200 million.

B-movies have been around since the advent of cinema, and networks like syfy have capitalized on this off the beaten path style of filmmaking to deliver countless creature features that include the Sharknado series (a fourth is on the way!). With this concept of monster movie in mind, we come to a little film called Terrordactyl.

As the name implies, the film is about a Pterodactyl invasion in modern day Los Angeles. A group of regular folks must work together to stop the massive horde before they destroy the city and eat all its inhabitants. Will this unlikely team be able to stop the threat before it spreads?

Terrordactyl is a solid B-movie with decent special effects and a cast that is aware that they are in a campy, cheesy movie. I feel that self-awareness in films like this is a strength rather than a hindrance to the film’s execution as a whole. It’s the same self-awareness that makes The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Van Helsing such enjoyable films. Yeah, the cast knows that what’s going on is ridiculous and they happily take you along for the ride.

So, if you like B-movies and have a couple hours to spare, check out Terrordactyl. It’s escapist entertainment for the Sharknado fan in all of us.

Terrordactyl is available now via iTunes and Amazon Video.

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