LG 3D NOVA Gaming Experience

Last night we headed out to Hollywood to check out the LG Thrill and yeah it’s in 3D!!!

At the Rolling Stone Lounge we got to check out a tournament that was being held in 3D on the LG Thrill. The phone itself connected to 3DTVs and was playing the footage in 3D on the TVs in addition to the phones themselves. After that there was also a cool map projection light show outside.

Of course we were there live broadcasting the entire thing. Make sure not to miss our next broadcast by joining our crowd on Ustream and following our updates on Twitter.

Seth talks to LG Girls:

The light show:

Pictures from the event at:

Check out videos from the event at http://www.stuffwelike.com/2011/09/21/lg-3d-nova-gaming-experience/

Posted by StuffWeLike.com on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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