Sony to Discontinue PS3

SonyStyle has removed the 20 gigabyte PS3 model from its website. Why would Sony bother doing this though?

Sony is most likely working on a new higher end model. discovered a US Federal Communications Commissions report that says an 80 gigabyte model is in the works.

With the new Xbox 360 Elite model coming out soon at 120 gigabytes – why would Sony bother with a mere 80 gigs? Is Sony simply trying to cut costs on the amount of money that they lose with the PS3? With the already high price of $599 Sony can’t afford to make the PS3 even more of a luxury item.


Get Ready To Rock….

And play the bass. And the drums. And oh yeah, you can sing now, too. By now, anyone who is anyone should have learned that the newest game from the Guitar Hero makers, Harmonix, is going to be Rock Band and will include playing the guitar, the bass, the drums, and singing. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Hopefully you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for all of the peripherals but considering that these are the guys that brought us Guitar Hero, I think they will find a way.

Major Content Update

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