Land Rover Launching future vision the Discovery Vision Concept

It is the New Age of Discovery. Our Discovery Vision Concept showcases the company’s future vision for a family of Discovery vehicles. Beautifully crafted whilst being both capable and versatile, the concept vehicle has a dynamic form epitomising our innovation and design.

Sponsored Video: Mercedes-Benz Defying Death Valley

Mercedes-Benz B Class F-CELL

Would you ever drink the emissions from your car? I think that many of us would be hesitant to do so. But low and behold Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have done just that!

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Sponsored Post: Volkswagen Rally The World

Sweden Powerstage Volkswagon

Clearly we all know that taxi drivers can give us some crazy driving experiences. I mean have you ever wished that your taxi driver drove a little bit faster? Usually for me I clutch the door and hope that we’ll get to the destination in one piece.

These brave souls at the Meridien Beach Plaza of Monte Carlo dared to tempt fate by placing their lives in the hands of the WRC champion Sébastien Ogier! As you’ll see in the video below Sébastien takes hotel guests for a spin in his Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Surprisingly the cops did not enjoy the stunt.

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