Legion’s Film Review

I was extremely fortunate to attend the third to last filming of The Late Nite Show with Conan O’Brien, of which one of the great guests was Paul Bettany. After having the renowned actor only a few feet from me advertising his movie I found that I was obligated to go see Legion.

Legion, directed by Scott Stewart, started out with a bang… literally! As you may be able to guess the opening gave Bettany a grand entrance, with a character who cared about nothing but saving the baby who “could be the answer to saving humanity”. The movie was odd on how it seemed to have been religious and then criticized religion and then gave you an ending similar to that of Santa Claus with Tim Allen!

The acting in the movie was far from anything superb, with the exception of Bettany and Dennis Quaid who were not bad. Oh and how could I forget the possessed old woman who curses like a sailor before taking a chunk out of one of the diner’s customers. Sorry Legion but that was one of the only entertaining parts of the movie, and yes that is including the part with the ice cream man.

One major factor that lead to Legion’s demise was its ability to close on the suspense way too early! There was nothing more anticlimactic then the ice cream man with long arm’s death. He showed up, pulled out his arm, and as you may be able to guess got shot many times and… well… died! Which leads me to the end of the movie! No I wont give away the end but all I can say is Bettany’s character is an Angel!

Out of 5 stars I would give this movie one star, sorry Bettany! The movie tried making it seem like the apocalypse with a way out. In addition things never matched up, like the slow possessed people and then the fast possessed people, oh and finally all the possessed people couldn’t hurt the people who had the baby in their possession… but were sent by God to kill the baby? If you are looking for a mindless action movie that is somewhat visually appealing but lacks in directing and acting then please watch anything Jean-Claude Van Damme says yes to, at least that will cost less.