The Following: The Third and Final Season – Blu-ray Review

The Following: The Third and Final Season

Now that serial killer Joe Carroll is safely behind bars, what’s FBI agent Ryan Hardy going to do? After two viscerally-charged seasons of The Following, Hardy now finds himself in yet another twisted game of cat and mouse that may be the most depraved and bizarre yet. Will he solve the mystery and catch the killer before they kill again?

I’ve really enjoyed The Following and hate to see it go. It reminded me a lot of another FOX series that lasted only three seasons: Millennium. Much like The Following, it was dark, oftentimes gruesome, and had a tendency to give you nightmares. To me, those are all aspects that make a series like this work.

While the series definitely isn’t for those who like their shows on the lighter side, The Following is a great series for those who don’t mind a little blood and guts mixed in with their whodunits. Kevin Bacon and the rest of the cast do a superb job, and the overall tone of the series makes for one suspenseful episode after the next.

Special features on the Blu-ray edition include:

When Heroes Lie

Interviews with Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, and Jessica Stroup about their character arcs in this final season.

Evil Has Many Faces

A look at how evil has been personified over the course of the series.

The Art of the Crime Scene Photo

A look at the extensive work that goes into making sure the crime scene photos on the series are as realistic and as gruesome as possible.

Ryan and Romance

A look at Ryan Hardy’s love life through the perspective of the actor who plays him, Kevin Bacon.

The Following: Funny AND Die

Kevin Bacon plays himself in a parody of the series.

New York Comic-Con Panel 2014

Severed Scenes

Gag Reel

For a series that will haunt you long after watching, I highly recommend The Following: The Third and Final Season on Blu-ray!

The Following: The Third and Final Season on Blu-ray is available NOW!

What’s your favorite moment from the series? Leave a comment and let us know!

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