DVD Review: Pinky, Elmyra, & The Brain: The Complete Series


I kinda feel sorry the The Brain. Time after time he plots to take over the world, and time and time again his plans are thwarted in one zany way or another. Of course, it doesn’t help that his ideas for world domination are carried out with the help of his less-than-brilliant partner, Pinky. But, hey, you’ve got to give The Brain credit for trying time and time again. After all, he has big plans for a little mouse!

Pinky & The Brain

Pinky & The Brain began as characters in one of the most awesome cartoons ever, Animaniacs. Their popularity soon found them with their own series, aptly titled Pinky & The Brain. It was far from over for The Brain and his daffy friend, because soon the duo were paired with another popular character from the series Tiny Toon Adventures: Elmyra. Enter Pinky, Elmyra, & The Brain into the WB animated universe.

For those who don’t know, Elmyra is a little girl with a lot of love to give to any animal that she finds. The problem is that she’s a little crazy. Okay, she’s REALLY crazy! And when she accidentally ends up taking home Pinky and The Brain from a pet shop, these two mice have no clue what they’ve gotten themselves into. Until it’s too late.

I like the premise of the series because it tweaks things just a bit from the original premise of the Pinky & The Brain cartoons on Animaniacs and their first standalone show. Now, not only is there the plans world domination, but they also have to contend with Elmyra and try and escape her overbearing possessiveness.


Pinky, Elmyra, & The Brain is a fun and enjoyable series that has plenty of great gags, self-referential moments, and hilarious one-liners. And while these shows may be initially targeted at kids, there is a definite level of adult humor that exists in all these WB animated series executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

I highly recommend Pinky, Elmyra, & The Brain: The Complete Series on DVD now!

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