DVD Review: The Middle – Season 3

The Middle: Season 3

My mom introduced me to The Middle during the first season and I have been a fan ever since. The trials and tribulations of the Heck family are a source of plenty of laughs and a few sentimental moments that bring the zaniness of this wacky family from Orson, Indiana to even greater levels of familiarity. Even if your family isn’t exactly like the Hecks, I think it’s safe to say that there are aspects of each characters’ personalities that we can find in those with whom we share a familial bond.

The Middle is a strong, under-appreciated series with plenty of positive messages about family, togetherness, and love amidst the chaos that envelopes the Heck family each week. And while there are a handful of episodes each season that aren’t as strong as the others, this family-oriented sitcom is a joy to watch over and over again.

The chemistry between the actors who play the Heck family, which include Patricia Heaton (Frankie), Neil Flynn (Mike), Charlie McDermott (Axl), Eden Sher (Sue), and Atticus Schaffer (Brick), is top notch. This cast really brings this goofy family to life in a believable way with just a touch of heightened reality to sitcom-style shenanigans can easily ensue.

And there are plenty of crazy happenings and goings-on in season three that make each episode entertaining and worth watching. And, of course, any episode or scene with Sue “ex-boyfriend” Brad (Brock Ciarlelli) is always a solid laugh-getter!

This is a fantastic and highly entertaining series. I highly recommend The Middle: Season 3. It’s a family-friendly show that’s sure to bring you and your loved ones closer together through laughter, which is always a good thing!

The Middle: Season 3 is available NOW on DVD!

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