DVD Review: Major Crimes – The Complete First Season

Major Crimes Season One on DVD

This is the city. Los Angeles, California. And this is the home of the Major Crimes Squad. A spin-off of the hit TNT series, The Closer, Major Crimes continues to follow the detectives that were once under the watchful eye of Captain Brenda Johnson played by Kyra Sedgwick. Now, Johnson’s former rival has taken over the Major Crimes team, and it can only mean one thing: tension.

Mary McDonnell takes the reigns as Captain Sharon Raydor, a tough, no nonsense woman who finds her presence and her methods consistently met with disagreements and derision. Once one of the higher-ups at Internal Affairs, her past encounters with the Major Crimes Squad are vividly remembered by those she’s now in charge of. Her main rival is Lt. Louie Provenza (G.W. Bailey), a detective who was certain he was in line to be Captain, but now feels as if he was pushed aside.

Major Crimes is a by-the-numbers procedural crime drama. But its familiar format enables the writers to expand upon the world of the characters and breathe new life into a tried and true genre. The serialized aspects of the show that come into play concerning Raydor and the young witness she’s sworn to protect (Graham Patrick Martin) only help to add yet another layer to the series and its crime-of-the-week formula.

The Major Crimes Cast

I really enjoyed this first season. The serialized storyline that weaves throughout the season was just as intriguing as the crimes these detectives are brought in to investigate. The cast has a great chemistry, and their banter and conflict-driven exchanges only help to make the show that much more interesting.

There are plenty of special features included in this first season set:

Crossing the Tape: Inside the Major Crimes Squad

A behind-the-scenes look at the show with its cast and creators.

Major Crimes: Major Challenge

Interviews with the cast and crew about the changes and challenges they have faced transitioning from The Closer to the new series.

Raydor’s Rookie

An interview with Kearran Giovanni (Sykes).

A New Home

An interview with Graham Patrick Martin (Rusty). You may recognize him as Jake’s friend Eldridge from Two and a Half Men.

Gag Reel

Deleted Scenes from select episodes

Major Crimes is a great addition to the world of The Closer and a solid crime series that definitely has the potential for a long run on TNT. I highly recommend it!

Major Crimes: The Complete First Season is available June 11, 2013 on DVD!

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