DVD Review: Ancient Rome Anthology

Ancient Rome Anthology

Ancient Rome was one of the greatest empires in the history of the world. At its height of power, Rome encompassed parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and its emperors and generals were known for their daring deeds of both courage and excess. We look at Ancient Rome as a bastion of political strength and military might during its days of rule. It’s also an empire where some of the craziest events and people known to history took place and lived.

The Ancient Rome Anthology is an in-depth and fascinating look inside this massive political force. From explorations of battles to profiles on some of the most influential people to rule and live in Rome, the Anthology delivers insights and knowledge as only The History Channel can.

It’s a collection that delivers hours upon hours of valuable information to anyone who loves to learn about the ancient world; a world that has very much influenced the way we live even in the 21st century. The six DVD collection includes over 11 hours on the history of Ancient Rome, and each special and documentary provides a wealth of information.

For me, the episodes of Decisive Battles were a bit cumbersome to watch (and there are several of these eps included in the set). The most intriguing were the specials about the people like Julius Cesar and Caligula (this guy was crazy…or was he?). Throw in a couple of documentaries about the rise and fall of this amazing powerhouse and you’ve got a great intro to one of history’s greatest civilizations.

I highly recommend the Ancient Rome Anthology! It’s a definite must for any history buff!

The Ancient Rome Anthology is available NOW on DVD!

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