DVD Review: Ancient Egypt Anthology

Ancient Egypt Anthology

Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite civilizations to learn about. Ever since my 6th grade history class where we learned about the Great Pyramid, mummies, and pharaohs, I’ve been fascinated by the world, the culture, and the mysticism surrounding this amazingly and seemingly technologically advanced population.

Theirs is a world that continues to intrigue and inspire. How did they build the pyramids? Was it through millions of hours of slave labor, or did ancient aliens help construct them? What are the origins of the practice of mummification? What are the deities that ruled the polytheistic religion of the Egyptian people? These and many more questions are answered in The Ancient Egypt Anthology.

Another winner from The History Channel (and you all know how much I geek-out over anything from The History Channel), The Ancient Egypt Anthology is a compendium of documentaries and specials that encapsulates the very heart and spirit of this amazing and oftentimes mysterious ancient civilization. While we know a lot about them, there are still questions that have baffled even the most experienced and seasoned archaeologists.

This six DVD collection offers up plenty of Egyptian goodies that will inspire your to find out more regarding topics from the pyramids to Egypt’s first queen. Each special is rich with information, facts, and trivia that will definitely get your love for history in full gear.

Ancient Egypt will always be my #1 ancient civilization. From its architecture and culture, to its politics and religious (which were pretty much one in the same), this was a world that has influenced us today, and will forever mystify us long into the future.

The Ancient Egypt Anthology is available NOW on DVD!

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