Sponsored Video: Mini NOT NORMAL.


Who likes the idea of being normal? Normal is boring. Normal is uninteresting. It’s much more exciting, fun, and interesting not be normal! Welcome to the world of the Mini Cooper, a car that strives to be miles away from normal and does everything in its power to make sure you, the driver, have a truly unique and experience that is anything but the norm.

Mini Cooper wants to take you beyond the normal, average, everyday and into a driving experience that takes you out of your ordinary world and into an extraordinary driving experience that will make you believe that not everything in life has to be business as usual.

With its compact design and a wide range of features, Mini is a versatile car that will bring new energy and excitement to your life and your normal driving experience. You’ll no longer feel like you’re just driving a car; you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world of effervescent exuberance and fun-filled adventures.

Check out the video below and see how you can take what’s normal and change it into something far from the regular run-of-the-mill world that you’ve come to accept. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it far from the norm. It’s the Mini Cooper and its’ waiting to transform you life in ways that you haven’t even imagined.

Are you ready to shake things up? With the power of a Mini Cooper, you can!

This post is sponsored by Mini.

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