DVD Review: Storage Wars Texas – Season One

This was a hard one for me to get into. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy the original Storage Wars. It’s the exact same premise, just based in Texas. I guess it was the assortment of people they have on this version that I didn’t find particularly likeable. Granted, they seem much more likeable than the folks over on Shipping Wars, but still…there was something about this group that just rubbed me the wrong way.

Does that mean that I stopped watching? Nope. I did enjoy the show for what it is. I just found the people annoying. Well, with the exception of Moe Prigoff, who is the Barry Weiss in this version. Wait…that’s it! That’s what the problem was. These people seem like dopplegangers for the people on Storage Wars. Yes!

If Moe Prigoff is Barry Weiss, then that means…

Victor Rjesnjasky is Dave Hester;

Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson are Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz; and

Ricky Smith and Bubba Smith are Darrell Sheets and his son, Brandon

I would like to note that I am writing this under the influence of some very strong cold medication so I may be slightly delusional at the moment. Or ancient aliens may be involved.

Like its predecessor, the bidders bid on the locker based on what they see from standing outside and then they bid. If they win they dig through and tell us what they “think” they can get for the items, not what they actually will get in the end.

What has started to bother me, however, is how they always seem to find something of exceptional value in the crappiest lockers. My favorite is when someone gets a locker for $50 and they find an item in the drawer of a broken dresser worth $8000! You would think that the folks who had the locker would have tried to sell the item and figured out a way to keep their locker from their auctioned off!

Storage Wars Texas is enjoyable entertainment. I do prefer the original, but this one can get just as addictive. It’s worth a look.

Storage Wars Texas: Season One is on DVD now!

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